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Premium webservices

Gisgraphy premium services

You are on the premium section of the Gisgraphy project. Gisgraphy is a free, open source framework (except address parser) that give the ability to do worldwide geolocalisation, geocoding, (forward and reverse) via REST webservices. One of the most popular GPS tracking Systems (OpenGTS, Traccar) also includes a Gisgraphy client. All is done with free and opensource Data (OpenStreetMap, GeoNames and Quattroshapes : more than 100 million entries). We got offline or online solutions, for small or big company, we got plans starts from 80 € only !. You don't need to be an expert, our webservice are easy to use. Gisgraphy is flexible and powerful enough to be used in a lot of different use cases.

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Webservices overview

All the webservices are world wide (243 countries) and support pagination. Actually, there are 6 webservices. Below is a summary for each webservice:
  • Geocoding

    Provide an Address, structured or not, and get it's GPS position in 243 countries.
  • Reverse geocoding

    Provide a GPS position and get the corresponding address
  • Street search / tracking

    Find streets and associated information for a given GPS point (and an optional name). It is very useful for tracking software like Open GTS or Traccar, but there are a lot of other use cases.
  • Find nearby

    Find places, streets or whatever you want around a GPS point for a given radius. Results can be sorted by distance.
  • Fulltext search / Autocompletion

    For a given text and an optional GPS point, find places, POIs, cities, streets, zip codes,... with information (coordinates, states, population, elevation, alternate names in many languages). Auto completion, location bias, spellchecking, all words required or not...
  • Address parser

    Divide a single address (as a string) into its individual component parts : house number, street type (directional, street, ..), street name, unit (apt, building, ...), zipcode, state, country, city.

Powerful tools and libraries

Gisgraphoid logoGisgraphoid Gisgraphoid is a library to do geocoding on your Android mobile phone or tablet with the same Geocoder API as Google but with Gisgraphy. Runs on all Android versions, free, no Google API needed by the device, no API key, no limit. You can display the result on OpenStreetMap or Google Maps (Google API key required)
leaflet logo Plugins
2 Leaflet plugins are availables to use the webservices directly on a map : Geocoding : It allows you to add a geocoding input with autocompletion on a leaflet map. It wraps the Gisgraphy js API.   Reverse geocoding : It reverse geocodes when you rightclick on the map. It is an example and you can personalize it.

What we propose


We provide several webservices :

  • Geocoding
  • Reverse geocoding
  • Street search / tracking
  • Address parsing
  • Find nearby
  • Fulltext / Autocompletion
- No downloading, no installation and configuration, don't worry about the technical details, just use it!

- Choose a rate (number of requests per minute) and we take care of performance and SLA.

- Plans start from 80€, We can scale from small to very high number of requests.

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Data dump

Want to use Gisgraphy totally offline in your company without any Internet access required and without running the data import ? It is possible! Order a pre-processed dump and save time.

You can also order OpenstreetMap data extraction for one or more countries, or the entire planet. There is no obligation to use it with Gisgraphy ! Use it your way.

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Need batch geocoding ? specific development ? data extraction ? routing ? display maps? We have years of experience in Geographic Information System (aka : GIS) and developpement.

Whatever your needs, with or without Gisgraphy webservices, we can advise and give you the some contacts if we can not answer your questions. Contact us !

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