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Premium webservices

Premium Services

Gisgraphy solutions

Premium services and consulting

What are premium services and why do I need them ?

Gisgraphy is a totally free open source framework under the LGPL license :
  • You can consult, download or modify the code as you wish.
  • You can install it on your own server just as it is deployed on services.gisgraphy.com and use it as you want (commercial use included), the data is also free and downloadable.
  • Webservices on services.gisgraphy.com are availables for free (for non benefit and non commercial use, see Terms and Conditions), and no warranty is given on the availability. You should only use the free server for testing before installing or subscribing.

Gisgraphy also provides some premium services. Here are some reasons why you should need premium services:
  • You're not familiar with informatics, or you simply don't want to worry about what's under the hood.
  • You want to use Gisgraphy with your own data (you can add data via the web interface)
  • You can not use the free services because of the Terms and Conditions.
  • You want Gisgraphy to be installed and configured the best way
  • You want custom development
  • Probably some other good reasons...


Premium webservices

No downloading, no installation and configuration, don't worry about the technical details, just use it ! Choose a rate (number of requests per minute) and we take care of performances and SLA. You have a dedicated management interface that is update in real time.

It allow you to see how many requests you have left and some others useful informations. The price is a 'by webservice price', and you can buy requests for each Gisgraphy webservice. Note that if you purchase for one year, you get a discounted price.

The price for the webservice Fulltext/autocompletion, Geolocalisation/find nearby, Geocoding, Reverse geocoding, and street search is describe bellow :
Max rate allowed / subsrciption type
per month
for one year
30 req / min
(43 200 req / day)
€ 80  
€960€ 800
60 req / min
(86 400 req / day)
€ 150  
€1800€ 1500
120 req / min
(172 800 req / day)
€ 200  
€2400€ 2000
300 req / min
(432 000 req / day)
€ 300  
€3600€ 3000

The price for the address parser is different and is described bellow :
Max rate allowed / subsrciption type
per month
for one year
30 req / min
(43 200 req / day)
€ 120  
€1440€ 1200
60 req / min
(86 400 req / day)
€ 220  
€2640€ 2200
120 req / min
(172 800 req / day)
€ 300  
€3600€ 3000
300 req / min
(432 000 req / day)
€ 450  
€5400€ 4500

One call to the webservice= 1 request. No matter the request is successfully processed or not, or if there are some missing parameters that are required, the request is count . The price is a per webservice price, but you can subscribe to several webservices, (even several times to the same one). You receive one API key per subscription.

We strongly recommend that you try the free service to test the relevance and see if the webservice fit your needs. We provide some affordable plans to try the premium services.

How to subscribe

  1. Setup your subscription
  2. Go to the purchase page and set up your subscription (you need to have an account, sign in or register if you haven't). You have to first choose a webservice. A description of all the webservices are available on the Gisgraphy website and a functionalities matrix can help you choose. The user guide is also a good start. We strongly recommend that you play with the free server(no SLA, no QOS, number of request limited). It can give you an idea of the relevance and how it works.

    A subscription specifies : A webservice and a rate per minute limit for a given number of months. You can have as many subscriptions as you want. If you want to use several webservices, you need several subscriptions. You can also subscribe several times to the same webservice, you will have a different API key for each subscription, and each subscription will have its own configuration, counter, current rate,...

    The API key is a numeric parameter you have to specify in the URL for each request. It identifies a subscription and allow us to check the rights on it : has your subscription ended? have you reach the rate for the current minute? is the IP authorized?...)

    The rate is a limit of the number of requests you can do during a given minute. It allow all users to use the service without disturbing the others and the opposite. that allow us to provide Quality Of Service (QOS). We sized our servers based on the subscriptions. For every request, your current rate for the given minute is compared to the rate allowed. If you exceed the rate, every request over the limit during the current minute, will return an HTTP 500 error. Requests will be process normally when the current rate of your subscription is reset (when a new minute starts).

  3. Confirm and pay
  4. Check the subscription configuration you've chosen, and click on the confirm button if everything seems correct to you. (if not, go back and modify the subscription). It will get you to PayPal payment. Everything is secured (HTTPS). We currently only accept PayPal payment. Once payment is made, you will get instant access to the webservices you have subscribed to.

  5. Use it !
  6. You will receive a confirmation mail with a summary of the subscription and all the necessary informations (host,API Key,etc). Those informations are also available on your web administration console. Some samples are provided. You can also see and download your invoices
    You can now call the server via an URL and specify the API key for your subscription at each request.

  7. Manage and setup
  8. Optionnally you can sign in to your web administration console and configure your subscriptions : restrict the access to a specific IPs, renew a subscription, see how many times you've reached the rate limit, and much more. You can renew a subscription before it ends : the number of month you renew will be added to the end date of your subscription - you never loose the months lefts. An email will be sent periodically to remind you of the subscriptions that will end soon.

    Want to learn more ? read the FAQ or contact us for more information

Data dump

Gisgraphy is open sources, and so does the data : Geonames and Openstreetmap datas are totally free. You can install it locally and run all the services offline. once installed, you have to run the data import. The Gisgraphy importer downloads the raw data from the the Geonames download server for Geonames data, and from the Gisgraphy download server for Openstreetmap and Quattroshapes.
The reasons why data are not directly downloaded from Openstreetmap is because the data are pre-processed. We extract streets, calculate length, middle point, clean up some values, improve names (especially for fleet tracking), and so on. The other reason is because we thought that it is simpler to import CSV, instead of a complicated XML one
. The importer, then, process, and inject the data locally. It builds a structured database and fill the fulltext engine. It can take a long time, depends on the number of countries you import and your server configuration. To save time, you can order a preprocessed data dump : a dump with the data after they have been processed by the importer).

How to use the preprocessed dump ?

Once Gisgraphy is installed and setup, you simply have to inject the dump in you postgresql database and copy the fulltext engine data directory in the right directory. Detailed instructions are provided with the dump.

. If you want to buy a dump, we can process it and send you the file. we need :
  • The country(code) you want
  • To know if you need Geonames, Openstreetmap or both

Full SQL/solr dump
All countries
US only
Not available yet  
Other countries
*The price depends of the ammount of data and the frequency you need updates. We propose periodical updates : the more you buy, less you pay. Contact us and we will draw up a personal quote.

About disk space :
Geonames and Openstreetmap260 Go (200 Go for the fulltext engine + 60 GO for Postgres)50 GO

so you need at least uncompressed disk space *2 on your server (one for decompression, one for import)

OpenStreetMap data extraction

We are already providing gigabytes of data on our download server :
  • 34 million house numbers; 76 million streets; 7 million POIs; 4,3 million cities; 216,000 city shapes. Split by country in CSV / TSV format
  • PBF files split by country.

Based on our experience of the OpenStreetMap model, we can provide some extractions of OpenStreetMap data. We can extract :
  • Addresses : The Gisgraphy importer links houses to streets, streets to city, city to state, and state to country, so we can extract addresses.
  • Extraction based on OpenStreetMap tags
  • Custom tag extract for streets, zipcodes, house numbers, Points of interest, city, whatever.
  • PBF files / metro extracts for a particular area
  • In several formats (SQL, CSV, JSON, WKT, shape,...)
  • With periodic updates
  • For a city, a sate, a country, a bounding box, or the entire planet.

Feel free to contact us, we will provide a free quotation.


Geocoding, reverse geocoding, geolocalisation,...sometimes it is hard to understand. If you need some help for a new features in Gisgraphy or have a particular need (data extraction, routing, or anything else), feel free to send us an email. If we can't answer your needs, we probably know who can or if there is already some existing solutions.