Developer guide


Is there some sample code available ?

Yes - the web services can output a lot of different formats. Just specify the 'format' parameter (see documentation). If you use PHP, you can evaluate the feed directly (with the eval method of PHP) - same thing in Python. Some sample code are available on the client libraries page In javascript, you have a Javascript library and a leaflet plugin

What are the HTTP status codes returned ?

Here are the HTTP status codes that web services can return

  • 401 : Need auth. The API key parameter is missing, wrong, or doesn't correspond to any subscriptions
  • 403 : Unhauthorized (auth will change nothing). Your IP is not allowed.
  • 429 : Too many requests. You exceeded the authorized rate
  • 412 : Missing parameter. Some parameters required for the web services are missing, please consult the documentation
  • Others : standard code (404: page not found, 500 : internal error)


When I call the web services, I get 'error null'. What does it mean ?

The billing server is probably down. Please contact the administrator.


Is it possible to call the web service with HTTP instead of HTTPS ?

If you call using HTTP, your request will be automatically redirected to HTTPS.


What encoding do you use ?

The parameters have to be URL encoded.


What HTTP method is supported ?

Only GET is allowed. OPTION and HEAD are also accepted, but POST is not.


What about the same-origin security policy / CORS ?

Same-origin-policy : some browsers or software doesn't allow you to make Ajax calls to a different server than the current page one. If you have some problems, use a kind of proxy on your server, that will make calls and send them back to the browser.
We have some CORS or Cross-origin_resource_sharing but don't give warranty on that.


Is there some client libraries I can use ?

Some client libs exist. You can find some information on the client libraries page