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Web services

Subscribe to our hosted web services, with SLA and secured over HTTPS. No worry about installation and setup, just use it ! Price is based on the number of requests you can do within a minute. unlimited access is also possible...Read more

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Pre processed dump

You can order a Gisgraphy dump to run web services locally (offline) without running the (long) import. Inject a preprocessed dump took only four hours while running an import took several weeks...Read more

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CSV Datasets

If you are only interested in data (not in gisgraphy web services), we propose CSV datasets for any other use of your choice, you can acquire our database. Many datasets available : Addresses, Streets, Pois, Cities, And Adms. Price is per line... Read more

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Batch processing

You got a huge volume to process and don't want to subscribe or install gisgraphy locally. send us your files and tell us what process (web service) you need. We send you the files back when processed. Price is per line...Read more

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This page is to be used only when you need to buy or renew a webservice access. If you need to modify some parameters (rate, IPs, credit,...), please contact us.

We strongly recommend that you read the FAQ, you will probably find some useful information.

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